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Distribution of gypsy moth in Canada from 1964 to 1970. Image © Natural Resources Canada

Software tool projects effects of changing climate on range of forest pests

Information Forestry, December 2007 — Canada’s climate is changing, and forest pests are on the move. In order to track and predict long-term effects of a warming climate on pests, Natural Resources Canada scientists use a software tool originally developed to help forest managers plan short-term pest control or sampling activities. Read more →

Conifer forest damaged by western spruce budworm. Photo by USDA, David McComb.

Needle-chemistry profiling predicts budworm outbreak potential

Information Forestry, August 2006 —Budworms are among the most destructive forest insects in North America. During outbreaks, eastern spruce budworm, western spruce budworm, jack pine budworm and their relatives strip foliage from tens of thousands of hectares of susceptible conifers across the continent. Now, thanks to indicators identified by Canadian Read more →

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