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Grape clusters. Photo © Scott Mair

Microbes make the wine: A toast to them

We rarely see grapes being crushed by foot these days, but visitors to the Cowichan Wine and Culinary Festival earlier this month witnessed an old-fashioned grape stomp. Seven teams, dressed in costume, with grape juice soaking the hems of their trousers, shorts, gowns and dresses, competed against each other to Read more →

We live in a plastic world: terror at chemicals in breast milk. Photo by Kevin Dooley

Step outside and take a deep, clean breath

Granny always sent us outside to play. She was right—being outside was good for us—but she was right for reasons she couldn’t have foreseen 40 years ago. Numerous recent studies indicate our homes and offices have filled in recent decades with chemicals meant to benefit us, which instead might be harming us. These Read more →

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