Nature Boy faced a dilemma last night. As the person tasked with the weekly grocery run, he had splurged on tenderloin steaks.

As anyone who has recently emptied their wallets at the super market knows, buying high-end grilling meats these days practically requires pre-approval from a bank manager. According to Statistics Canada, retail prices for grilling steaks and ground beef increased by about 11 and 12 per cent since this time last year. That’s six times Canada’s overall inflation rate for the same period.

“Couldn’t we use that money for a vacation instead?” I asked. But Nature Boy pointed out that grilling season is upon us and, besides, the temperature outside these days simply requires use of the barbecue.

“Hmmm, okay. Just this once.”

The dilemma came in the evening. Nature Boy had seasoned and grilled the steaks—rare to medium rare… perfect. He deftly removed them from the heat and placed them on a clean plate. After turning the barbecue off, he took the plate and turned towards the door.

And tripped.

Through an impressive combination of flailing, twisting and flexibility, he saved himself and the plate.

The steaks, however, went flying. The year’s big vacation landed on the patio paving stones. The juice ran down the sliding doors.

There went France….

Read the rest of this editorial at the Victoria Times Colonist….

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