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Vinca minor, or common periwinkle. Photo © Daniel Jolivet, via flickr and Creative Commons

Initiative targets invasive plants, seeks to stop spread in British Columbia

She had moved to the area only the year before, lured by the climate, the year-round greenery, and Victoria’s reputation as a city of flowers. Her new home included a garden, with one rocky section that saw little sun. Moss would thrive there, but she wanted something more dramatic. Online Read more →

Dallas Road cliffs. Photo © Stewart Butterfield, via flickr and Creative Commons

Erosion inevitable on park’s sea-side cliffs

We live in a part of the world many other people envy us for. We have ocean, mountains, beach, forests, a pretty darn awesome year-round climate for a place just south of the 49th parallel, and a number of big-town services and restaurants for what is, in many ways, a Read more →

Poison Hemlock has purple-splotched stems. Photo © Jerry Kirkhart, via creative commons & flickr

Hemlock’s poison part of plants’ arsenal against being eaten

Our benign climate welcomes yet another uninvited transplant to the region. Poison hemlock joins hundreds of other invasive plant species that make themselves at home here. Like some of those other plants, it contains toxins. Unlike most of them, it resembles a common cooking herb, and can be easily mistaken Read more →

Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park. Photo © Kyla Duhamel, via creative commons and flickr

Individuals, not parks, need to set boundaries on use of technology

Nature Boy uses a number of smartphone apps with his work. Some help him identify birds. Others help him key out wild plants, fungi and other assorted roughage. He opens the astronomy app whenever he’s outside on clear nights. And because he works with people, he often photographs—with permission—families, school Read more →

Cycling in Victoria. Photo © John Luton, via creative commons and flickr

Cycling rally explores disaster relief, two-wheeled style

With the 2014 Tour de France ending tomorrow, this year’s version delivered the usual combination of surprise and excitement to fans. The spectacular high-speed crashes and cringing injuries that regularly occur during the renowned cycling race brought sudden and unexpected ends to the participation of many contenders for this year’s Read more →

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