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Year of the Turtle

Trackways #19, Winter 1999–A nearly complete Cretaceous-aged turtle has found its way to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Not only are its skull, skeleton and shell intact, but its body cavity contains additional treasure: turtle eggs. “The preservation of this specimen is remarkable,” says Museum palaeontologist Don Brinkman, who studies Cretaceous Read more →

Technician uncovers history in the land of the dinosaurs

Trackways #19, Winter 1999: For years, when Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology technician Darren Tanke prospected in Dinosaur Provincial Park, he searched only for fossil bone eroding out of the ground. But, for a period in the late-1990s, he also looked for less likely treasure: old newspaper, dried clumps of Read more →

Ankylosaur armour. Photo by S. Mair.

Ankylosaur summer

Trackways #15, Fall 1998—In the world of palaeontology, ankylosaurs remain one of the Big Mysteries. The enigma stems from a lack of specimens to provide answers. Especially rare are good fossils from Alberta—that is, until this past season, the summer of ankylosaurs. This year, researchers found eight specimens of the Read more →

Dinosaur Provincial Park, by Peter Hoven

Tyrrell trains Disney staff

Trackways #14, Spring 1998—When Walt Disney World opened Dinoland earlier this year, a little bit of Alberta shone beneath the Florida sun. As part of the attraction, Disney performers play palaeontologists explore the world of the dinosaurs. When looking for ways to immerse staff in dinosaur palaeontology, Disney looked north Read more →

Alberta's Milk River, by James Bremner

Just a teenage hadrosaur….

Trackways #12, Fall 1997—When Lethbridge writer Shanan Timmers went for walk on the banks of the North Milk River west of Del Bonita, Alberta, earlier this summer, he stumbled across a find important to the world of palaeontology. Jutting out from the overhanging river cutbank, far from where palaeontologists would Read more →