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Some aliens actually come knocking;
Most invasives just sneak in

In Germany earlier this year, a woman called the police after her doorbell rang repeatedly in the night, terrifying her. The cops apprehended the culprit—an ant nest built tight into the doorbell was tripping the switch. My friend experienced a similar problem. Her home-security system spontaneously and repeatedly went off Read more →

Mosquito. Photo by Eli Christman (Gamma Man), Creative Commons

Scarcity of mosquitos a quiet secret in Victoria

“Incredible,” she said. “It’s evening, we’re eating outside, and THERE ARE NO MOSQUITOS. We’d never be able to do this down east. We’d be eaten alive.” “it’s Victoria’s secret,” I told her. “If the rest of the country knew how few and how lame our mosquitos were, we’d be overrun.” Read more →

The 2006 windstorm toppled thousands of trees throughout Stanley Park's old-growth groves. Photo by Jenny Lee Silver

DNA screening identifies non-native pests in Stanley Park

Information Forestry, December 2009— Emerging DNA-screening technologies can play a vital role in detecting and identifying potentially problematic pest insects in Canadian forests, according to a recent insect survey conducted in Vancouver’s Stanley Park by Natural Resources Canada, the University of British Columbia and other agencies. In the survey, DNA Read more →

Trapping emerald ash borer. Photo by Pennsylvania Dept Conservation & Natural Resources, Forestry Archive -

Scientists search for irresistable pest perfumes

Information Forestry, December 2007—Many insects rely on scent to communicate with each other and to find food and hosts. Setting out traps baited with insect and host-tree smells has long been a technique used by plant health officials to detect and track unwanted pests. But the scents currently used by Read more →

western spruce budworm, by William Ciesla, Forest Health Management International

Ocean-temperature effects suppress caterpillar’s infestations on Vancouver Island

Information Forestry,  December 2007— A century-long ocean-warming trend may explain the rarity of western spruce budworm outbreaks on southern Vancouver Island since the 1930s, according to a study by Canadian Forest Service scientists Alan Thomson and Ross Benton. Mild winter temperatures, linked to a rise in sea temperature, have de-synchronized Read more →

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