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chateau régine, at one of the four lastours castles

Ruins IV

Chateaux Lastours This was our first big hike of the vacation. It occurred towards the end of the day, after a visit to our favourite vigneron (and accompanying wine tasting—by Mimi. Gaston abstained from more than a few slurps, as he was DD), lunch below the troglodyte village of Minerve Read more →

Aguilar chateau

Ruins III

Chateau Aguilar

Ruins II

Chateau Roquefixade Gaston and I caught the Friday market in Foix, took a heap of photos as the light was crystal clear—that would have been the first day of Autumn light—then departed to conquer Roquefixade. We’d been intimidated by this chateau on previous visits. The approach appears vertiginous. First visit Read more →

Ruins I

Chateau Peyrepertuse

Chateau Queribus from across the Aude Valley (Forca real)

Views to and from…

Chateau Quéribus is one of the Cathar castles that fell to the King of France/Rome Pope during the early 13th Century Albigensian Crusade. After what is now south France was rolled up into French territories, Louis IX (the “saint”) ordered the fortress and many other former cathar castles manned to Read more →

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