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Orion nebula. Photo © NASA

Night-sky marathon draws hardy enthusiasts

Next weekend, a few hardy members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Victoria chapter will mark the start of spring with a little-known ritual. Clear skies willing, they will stay up until dawn on Sunday to participate in an astronomical test of endurance, knowledge and night-sky navigation skills. Their Read more →

Supermoon. Photo © Robert Hensley (, via creative commons and flickr

Get ready for super-duper moon viewing

Nature Boy calls it a peri-gee whiz moon, because “gee whiz, doesn’t the moon look big!” That’s not its official name, of course. Neither is it a peri-Cheez Whiz moon, another moniker bandied about the household in recent weeks. When a massy-looking full moon last appeared—just last month, on the Read more →

Victoria's Belfry Theatre. Photo © Jason M Vanderhill,

Comet marks end of a year of celestial close encounters

A massive object is hurtling towards me. It’s not Nature Boy racing to get the last of the pumpkin pie from the fridge. No, the massive object in question is a giant snowball whizzing through space towards the sun. With its tail as big as a kite, Comet ISON provides Read more →

Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, on Little Saanich Mountain, Victoria, BC. Photo © Caylin (plums_deify, flickr)

Telescope’s history highlights irony of new research directions

No lights shine at the Centre of the Universe today. The staff who ran the interpretive centre at Little Saanich Mountain’s Dominion Astrophysical Observatory cleaned out their desks yesterday, turned the light out, and vacated the building. So ends 12 years of educational programming about astronomy and Canada’s place in Read more →

Dallas Road dog park. Photo by Martin…T (flickr)

Look skywards for the origins of the dog days of summer

I find the recent cooler days and periods of rain a relief. My garden does, as well, but more to the point, the cooler weather means things smell better. The effect is particularly noticeable along the dog-park section of Dallas Road and at Thetis Lake’s unsanctioned dog beach. I realize Read more →

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