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Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park. Photo © Kyla Duhamel, via creative commons and flickr

Individuals, not parks, need to set boundaries on use of technology

Nature Boy uses a number of smartphone apps with his work. Some help him identify birds. Others help him key out wild plants, fungi and other assorted roughage. He opens the astronomy app whenever he’s outside on clear nights. And because he works with people, he often photographs—with permission—families, school Read more →

Cellphone driver. Photo © James Legans, Jr., creative commons

Police could learn from advertisers:
Peer pressure and social anxiety work

A century ago, people who drove automobiles unsafely on city streets were called jay-drivers. Like Toad of Toad Hall from the children’s book, Wind in the Willows, they wandered all over the road, drove too fast or drove too slow, stopped and started unpredictably, and caused mayhem—and consternation—among other road Read more →

Tinfoil hats. Photo © teaeff, via flickr

We make it easy to keep tabs on each other

“They don’t need to read my mind,” I informed Nature Boy when he offered me his tinfoil helmet. “They can read everything else.” What They would read are my emails, my Internet use, my cellphone data, and every other item or card on or near my person with a radio-frequency Read more →

Blackberries in season. Photo © Julie (hello-julie flickr)

Tips to survive open season on blackberries/Blackberry

Blackberry picking, like developing Blackberry devices, is a prickly business. When Nature Boy was growing up on the Mainland—long before e-mail or smartphones came along—his family would venture out to harvest THEIR blackberry patch near Pitt Meadows. Nature Boy always assumed danger duty. He’d armor himself with rubber boots and Read more →

No cellphones, by Oscar Anton,

Texting from the loo a hazardous endeavour

  According to the most recent survey of cellphone use, these devices have now invaded every aspect of our lives. Seventy-five per cent of the survey’s respondents admitted to using handheld devices to text, talk, surf, purchase items and conduct business while attending to other business with another handheld device Read more →