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Travel. Photo © MyBiggestFan via flickr and creative commons

B.C. residents plan summer vacations from money worries

Now that the school year has run its course, the exodus has begun. Those who seek to take advantage of the coming interrupted workweek have made their reservations, packed their bags, and made their escapes. Others are taking their time, planning the requisite excursions to visit family, see new sights, Read more →

Reconstructing an Ice Age environment

Water stored in the St. Mary’s Reservoir, north of Cardston, Alberta, insures area farmer’s crops against drought, which is common in that part of the province. In 1998, when the reservoir was drained to build a new spillway, researchers discovered tools used by ancient Albertans, as well as bones and Read more →

Passport. Photo © J Aaron Farr

Misused passports open doors to the wrong kind of new lives

Their very name indicates admission or entrance. A passport—from the French passer la porte, or pass through a port—is a document that allows a person to pass from one country to another, from world to another, even from life to another. We’ve heard of two instances in the last month in Read more →

Cockroach brains may provide the next super-antibiotic. Photo © Sigurd Tao Lyngse (Malakith, flickr)

Scientists look at unlikely sources for new antibiotics

  “Don’t do it,” I advise Nature Boy every time we travel in less-fortunate foreign parts. “If you eat that, you’ll get sick.” I remind him of what happened in (fill in the blank with any south Asian or Latin American country we’ve visited). “They had as many cockroaches running Read more →

Anticipating a vacation extends the period of happiness a vacation causes. Photo by Ralph Daily

How to wring the most happiness from a vacation

A friend started a long-planned vacation last week. I interrupted her last-minute preparations with a phone call to wish her a happy and safe journey. “You must be really looking forward to this.” “Umm, well…. I am…. Now.” “Just now?” “You know, I’d booked the essentials almost a year ago, Read more →

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