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Ferry pulling out of Tsawwassen. Photo © Richard Eriksson, via flickr and Creative Commons;

BC Ferries vessels join illustrious list of ships used to study B.C. waters

The Queen of Oak Bay ferry joins a long, illustrious list of vessels used for marine research off our coast. The B.C. Ferries vessel was recently outfitted with scientific instruments to sample ocean-surface and atmospheric conditions as it travels its Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver–Departure Bay, Nanaimo run. The scientific equipment Read more →

Ferry across Georgia Strait. Photo © JamesZ_Flickr

Clean coast living provides no escape from dirty air

On a recent trip to Vancouver, a great yellow tongue of dirty air greeted us as the ferry surged into Georgia Strait. Stretching out from Vancouver, the tongue licked at the shores of Galiano and Mayne islands. “We’re travelling right into it,” Nature Boy said. “Gotta love these temperature inversions.” Read more →

Healthy employees and healthy organizations

When B.C. Ferries’ announced its employee health and fitness incentive last month, consumer organizations quickly condemned the initiative. B.C. Ferries is offering each of its 3,000 unionized employees $300 to help pay for gym memberships or fitness equipment. The benefit, officials say, is part of an injury-reduction and employee-wellness program Read more →

Choosing the island life has its consequences

Victoria Times Colonist, November 23, 2012—The words “isle” and “isolation” share linguistic roots. Both derive from the Latin word insula, which itself gives us the word “insulate”. A curious thing can happen to large-ish mammal species that live on isolated, insulated isles. Over long periods of time, some species become smaller. Read more →