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Sun. Photo © Chad Sparkes via flickr and creative commons,

Sunscreen ratings cause confusion

The sunscreen supplies we purchase every summer usually last until the following August. But with all the winter sunshine Victoria enjoyed and a couple of trips to the sunny prairies, Nature Boy recently found himself squeezing the last molecules of sunblock from a flattened tube. The timing means that we Read more →

The Thinker. Photo © edillalo, flickr - creative commons

Sitting will be the death of us

Not so long ago, the Occupational Safety and Health people performed their annual inspection of the safety imperfections of my workspace. Armed with clipboards, they flicked the lights on and off, checked that the bookcases were still attached to the walls, and tsk’d at the four electrical cords plugged into one surge Read more →

Ferry across Georgia Strait. Photo © JamesZ_Flickr

Clean coast living provides no escape from dirty air

On a recent trip to Vancouver, a great yellow tongue of dirty air greeted us as the ferry surged into Georgia Strait. Stretching out from Vancouver, the tongue licked at the shores of Galiano and Mayne islands. “We’re travelling right into it,” Nature Boy said. “Gotta love these temperature inversions.” Read more →

Coffee: The real fuel driving our society

Oil is the world’s most-traded commodity. This rating emphasizes our dependence on the substance. However, I’d say an altogether different commodity has played as important a role in the development of our society. This substance has been used throughout the western world for 700 years. It has fuelled technological, economic, Read more →