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The Thinker. Photo © edillalo, flickr - creative commons

Sitting will be the death of us

Not so long ago, the Occupational Safety and Health people performed their annual inspection of the safety imperfections of my workspace. Armed with clipboards, they flicked the lights on and off, checked that the bookcases were still attached to the walls, and tsk’d at the four electrical cords plugged into one surge Read more →

Parks like East Sooke Park help make nearby residents happier and healthier. Photo by Logan C (flickr's LoganTech)

Parks make for happy, healthy people

Back when Nature Boy worked at a big California museum, I flew down to visit on a semi-regular basis. I remember looking out over the city as the aircraft made its final approach to L.A.’s airport. Below me stretched mile upon mile of concrete: buildings, roads freeways, parking lots. Few Read more →

Walking away from Alzheimer’s disease

Thousands of British Columbians will wake up tomorrow, put on their shoes, and walk. They’re raising money through the Alzheimer’s Society of BC’s Walk for Memories. Funds raised support the society’s community programs. The event’s signature activity and timing create an intriguing, synergistic combination. Scheduled for the last Sunday in Read more →