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Pace of modern communications outstrips what the modern human brain evolved to deal with

Social media have democratized publishing. Now, anybody can spontaneously share their thoughts, opinions, photos, witticisms and criticisms, as well as what they ate for breakfast, with the world. This accessibility has permitted new voices to emerge, quiet voices to be heard, and the previously unspoken to be said. It has Read more →

Royal BC Museum from Belleville Street, Victoria. Photo © Robin Zebrowski, via flickr and Creative Commons

Online-review industry’s woes call for consumer skepticism

This week, the Royal BC Museum opens its doors to the local community. For the price of a cash donation, residents and visitors can tour the museum’s galleries, travel back to the province’s early years, and view one of the world’s best collections of West Coast First Nations art and artifacts. Read more →

classroom laptop use. Photo © Parker Knight, on flickr

Practice study hygiene to harness those little grey cells

Here’s good news for those of us trying to pick up new skills and information. Experts on how learning happens within the human brain have identified the two most reliable methods for transferring new information into our little grey cells. One method requires that students revisit and build upon their Read more →

B.C. Legislature. Photo by Herb Neufeld (flickr's Oggie Dog)

A passing note on paper vs digital democracy

On the second day our government sat in the B.C. Legislature, Speaker Linda Reid admonished then-unelected premier Christy Clark for passing notes to a cabinet minister during a debate. Clark had not yet won the Westside–Kelowna byelection, and so was relegated to the legislature’s public galleries. The incident made me Read more →

Influenza precautions, by Mike Licht

New apps help virus information go viral

This week, the Weather Network’s Flu Report shows significant numbers of influenza cases in the Lower Mainland. Google Flu Trends provides less detail — it rates all of B.C. as having high flu activity. Google Flu Trends tallies Google searches for information about influenza-like illness to estimate real-time flu activity Read more →