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A passing note on paper vs digital democracy

B.C. Legislature. Photo by Herb Neufeld (flickr's Oggie Dog)

On the second day our government sat in the B.C. Legislature, Speaker Linda Reid admonished then-unelected premier Christy Clark for passing notes to a cabinet minister during a debate. Clark had not yet won the Westside–Kelowna byelection, and so was relegated to the legislature’s public galleries.

The incident made me harken back to my years in middle school, which I doubt was Clark’s or Reid’s intent. In those olden times, many notes written on paper changed hands anytime a teacher turned his back on a class.

Of course, that was before there was a smartphone in every pocket and a computer on every desk. When a desktop was the flat, horizontal surface which supported the paper you wrote your notes on. When a notebook was a collection of bound and ruled paper.

Not that those low-tech methods of communication—note-passing included—were superior to today’s methods.

The Kremlin might disagree with me on that one. In an effort to prevent National Security Agency-style cyberspying, the Kremlin’s secret service recently decided to revert to using old-fashioned typewriters and paper to write and store official secrets.,,,

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