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Spectacular Skeena River Valley. Photo © Sam Beebe, Ecotrust

Pipelines prompt protests; Costs will accrue

Enbridge first proposed Kitimat as the West Coast terminus of its Northern Gateway pipeline a decade ago. The company has been defending the choice ever since. For much of the ensuing time, attention has focused tightly on that project. Oh, sure, the deliberations and demonstrations about the Keystone XL pipeline Read more →

B.C. Legislature. Photo by Herb Neufeld (flickr's Oggie Dog)

A passing note on paper vs digital democracy

On the second day our government sat in the B.C. Legislature, Speaker Linda Reid admonished then-unelected premier Christy Clark for passing notes to a cabinet minister during a debate. Clark had not yet won the Westside–Kelowna byelection, and so was relegated to the legislature’s public galleries. The incident made me Read more →