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High-altitude krumholtz in British Columbia, photo by Kevin Teague

More than weather determines tree-line forest growth

Information Forestry, December 2012— British Columbia is home to some of Canada’s highest-elevation forests. In the very highest of these—growing at treeline in or near the true alpine—evergreens hug the ground, twisted and bent by wind and snow pack, with vertical leaders repeatedly pruned by severe winter temperatures, ice, and wind. Read more →

Fire in the British Columbia Interior, photo by Digital_Image_fan, Flickr

Statistician determines actuarials of fire-fighting resource sharing

Information Forestry, December 2012—The biggest challenge in forecasting fire-season resource needs in Canada, says Canadian Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Research Scientist Steen Magnussen, is the variability in the country’s fire regimes. “The environment, the size of Canada, the weather, the forest structure, larger climate patterns, the fire danger—all Read more →

pinewood nematode, photo by L.D. Dwinell, USDA Forest Service

Technique protects trade by targeting live micro-pest

Information Forestry, December 2009— A new molecular diagnostics method developed by Natural Resources Canada to detect live pinewood nematode in wood caught the attention of forest health officials from around the world. “Scientists from countries with forests infested by pinewood nematode expressed a great deal of interest, as did those Read more →

The 2006 windstorm toppled thousands of trees throughout Stanley Park's old-growth groves. Photo by Jenny Lee Silver

DNA screening identifies non-native pests in Stanley Park

Information Forestry, December 2009— Emerging DNA-screening technologies can play a vital role in detecting and identifying potentially problematic pest insects in Canadian forests, according to a recent insect survey conducted in Vancouver’s Stanley Park by Natural Resources Canada, the University of British Columbia and other agencies. In the survey, DNA Read more →

Sky-high eyes measure biological diversity across Canada

Information Forestry, August 2008—Orbiting the Earth more than 700 kilometres above Canada’s forests, a set of satellite-borne sensors collects data from the light reflecting off the planet’s surface. Beneath the canopy of an eastern Ontario woodland, a Blackburnian Warbler prepares to fly south for the winter. Linking these two phenomena Read more →

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