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The bloomin’ heather

The first time I visited this region, I paid little attention to the flora around the house. It was green. The second time I came, I noticed that, lining the long driveway to Montplaisir, were hundreds—thousands—of bright green heather shrubs. All native. Many more than a metre tall. It being Read more →

boule of country bread. Photo © by Brett Neilson

Good bread

If you ask Gaston what he considers to be the defining qualities of good French bread, his eyes lose focus and a dreamy expression comes over his face. You may prompt him: “Crusty? Fluffy?” That snaps him back into the moment. “No! Absolutely not.” I agree with his disagreement. The Read more →

The dining room of le Ciel d'Or restaurant, Mirepoix, France

Mirepoix in Mirepoix

I’ve frequently enjoyed soups and sauces made from mirepoix stock, but this was the first time I’d had the actual mixture of chopped celery, carrots and onion that is called mirepoix explicitly showcased on my plate. Gaston and I were enjoying the Friday fixed lunch at le Ciel d’Or, the Read more →

“Who comes to France to make soup?”

“Who comes to France to make soup?” asks Gaston. “What more French thing to do than to boil up a carcass with some mirepoix to make potage?” Mimi responds. Making soup is part of our Monday ritual at Montplaisir. First, visit the Monday morning Mirepoix market and purchase produce for the Read more →

fish stand, marché

Le plus ça change, le plus ça change

Two years on, and we’re finding not even rural France remains frozen in time. C’est dommage, mais, ça, c’est la vie. The commune of Mirepoix is extracting value from its forests this past summer: stands throughout the area have been harvested, and the logs are piled alongside the highways awaiting Read more →

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