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Lancaster Bomber. Photo © SNappa2006, via flickr Creative Commons

France honours aging D-Day veterans

More than 70 years ago, Marcel Croteau, a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Forces’ 425 Alouettes Squadron and my uncle, was flying nightly bombing raids over France. Because of his role in those long-ago missions, Croteau is being inducted as a knight (chevalier) into France’s Order of the Legion Read more →

Crème brûlée

At the local supermarket last week, Gaston pronounced that he wanted to buy some of the pre-prepared packages of crème brûlée available in the refrigerator section. It took a few nights for us to get to it. Last night, we indulged. Actually, we were clearing out the fridge. And Gaston Read more →

boule of country bread. Photo © by Brett Neilson

Good bread

If you ask Gaston what he considers to be the defining qualities of good French bread, his eyes lose focus and a dreamy expression comes over his face. You may prompt him: “Crusty? Fluffy?” That snaps him back into the moment. “No! Absolutely not.” I agree with his disagreement. The Read more →

The things people covet

Next to the entrance to the local supermarket, the owners have parked a spiffy trailer-wagon that has caught Gaston’s eye. It’s small enough and light enough to tow behind a gutless Yaris. It has collapsible side bars that can be raised or lowered, together or separately. It would be the Read more →

The dining room of le Ciel d'Or restaurant, Mirepoix, France

Mirepoix in Mirepoix

I’ve frequently enjoyed soups and sauces made from mirepoix stock, but this was the first time I’d had the actual mixture of chopped celery, carrots and onion that is called mirepoix explicitly showcased on my plate. Gaston and I were enjoying the Friday fixed lunch at le Ciel d’Or, the Read more →

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