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Renting via the internet

Some notes I compiled in response to a query from a fellow-Victorian regarding renting accommodation in France, sight unseen, over the internet. The only way to make the process of finding and booking a place successful and endurable is to narrow things down: 1) Which region you are interested in? Read more →

A Joël Robuchon encounter

As Gaston and Mimi are unlikely to be in a city that is home to a Joël Robuchon restaurant with enough cash in their bank account to splurge on a meal planned, if not actually cooked, by the many-starred Robuchon, they recently resorted to the pauper’s experience of the Gault Read more →

“Who comes to France to make soup?”

“Who comes to France to make soup?” asks Gaston. “What more French thing to do than to boil up a carcass with some mirepoix to make potage?” Mimi responds. Making soup is part of our Monday ritual at Montplaisir. First, visit the Monday morning Mirepoix market and purchase produce for the Read more →

Castelnau de Montmiral

Bastide villages

On our first full day in France, we ventured down the River Tarn at the suggestion of our B&B hosts to explore the hilltop bastide villages that the region is known for. Click on each gallery image for more information.

Designer cannettes in France

Home of designer soda cans

Only in France would you see Coke cans designed by Jean-Paul Gaulthier. Black lace roses and fish-net stockings for sophisticated, putain-style, evening drinking; le sportif, Chanel-style, for afternoons on the tennis court or at the beach. All social eventualities covered.