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To eat dropped food or not: The 5-second Rule revisited

Nature Boy faced a dilemma last night. As the person tasked with the weekly grocery run, he had splurged on tenderloin steaks. As anyone who has recently emptied their wallets at the super market knows, buying high-end grilling meats these days practically requires pre-approval from a bank manager. According to Read more →

Cockroach brains may provide the next super-antibiotic. Photo © Sigurd Tao Lyngse (Malakith, flickr)

Scientists look at unlikely sources for new antibiotics

  “Don’t do it,” I advise Nature Boy every time we travel in less-fortunate foreign parts. “If you eat that, you’ll get sick.” I remind him of what happened in (fill in the blank with any south Asian or Latin American country we’ve visited). “They had as many cockroaches running Read more →

Influenza precautions, by Mike Licht

New apps help virus information go viral

This week, the Weather Network’s Flu Report shows significant numbers of influenza cases in the Lower Mainland. Google Flu Trends provides less detail — it rates all of B.C. as having high flu activity. Google Flu Trends tallies Google searches for information about influenza-like illness to estimate real-time flu activity Read more →