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Elevator buttons: dirtier than a toilet seat. Photo © Dan Taylor, via creative commons and flickr

Germy everyday items spread the nausea and squeamishness

Nature Boy recently scaled back using his hands. He stopped coughing and sneezing into them during the SARS outbreak in 2002. He now spews his sputum and microbes into the insides of his elbows. This prevents him from spreading his viruses to everything and everyone he touches. It’s all part Read more →

To eat dropped food or not: The 5-second Rule revisited

Nature Boy faced a dilemma last night. As the person tasked with the weekly grocery run, he had splurged on tenderloin steaks. As anyone who has recently emptied their wallets at the super market knows, buying high-end grilling meats these days practically requires pre-approval from a bank manager. According to Read more →

Grape clusters. Photo © Scott Mair

Microbes make the wine: A toast to them

We rarely see grapes being crushed by foot these days, but visitors to the Cowichan Wine and Culinary Festival earlier this month witnessed an old-fashioned grape stomp. Seven teams, dressed in costume, with grape juice soaking the hems of their trousers, shorts, gowns and dresses, competed against each other to Read more →