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Elevator buttons: dirtier than a toilet seat. Photo © Dan Taylor, via creative commons and flickr

Germy everyday items spread the nausea and squeamishness

Nature Boy recently scaled back using his hands. He stopped coughing and sneezing into them during the SARS outbreak in 2002. He now spews his sputum and microbes into the insides of his elbows. This prevents him from spreading his viruses to everything and everyone he touches. It’s all part Read more →

Cockroach brains may provide the next super-antibiotic. Photo © Sigurd Tao Lyngse (Malakith, flickr)

Scientists look at unlikely sources for new antibiotics

  “Don’t do it,” I advise Nature Boy every time we travel in less-fortunate foreign parts. “If you eat that, you’ll get sick.” I remind him of what happened in (fill in the blank with any south Asian or Latin American country we’ve visited). “They had as many cockroaches running Read more →