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Eye. Photo © Melani Varela Fuentes, via creative commons and flickr

Tests may make eyes the windows to early Alzheimer’s disease

A proverb states “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” By looking someone in the eye, it is often possible to detect emotions, thoughts and intentions otherwise less clear. Scientists have determined during the last decade that expansion of a person’s pupils can indicate interest, stress, problem solving and Read more →

Dogs are attuned to their people, but who is in charge. Photo © Stefan Holodnick,, via creative commons.

Dogs take a bow(-wow!) for canine cognition

Some dogs show more intelligence than most people. Or so their owners tell me. Perhaps thinking of one’s four-legged best friend as brighter than one’s children—perhaps not one’s children, but possibly one’s in-laws—goes with the territory of being a dog owner. Much like people universally describing their driving skills or Read more →

classroom laptop use. Photo © Parker Knight, on flickr

Practice study hygiene to harness those little grey cells

Here’s good news for those of us trying to pick up new skills and information. Experts on how learning happens within the human brain have identified the two most reliable methods for transferring new information into our little grey cells. One method requires that students revisit and build upon their Read more →