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Dogs are attuned to their people, but who is in charge. Photo © Stefan Holodnick,, via creative commons.

Dogs take a bow(-wow!) for canine cognition

Some dogs show more intelligence than most people. Or so their owners tell me. Perhaps thinking of one’s four-legged best friend as brighter than one’s children—perhaps not one’s children, but possibly one’s in-laws—goes with the territory of being a dog owner. Much like people universally describing their driving skills or Read more →

Killer kitty catches mouse. Photo by Chris (Eisenbahner)

Killer Kitty? Research shows pet diseases are infecting sea mammals

A neighbour’s cat adopted me last year. When she’s bored and I’m home, she visits. She gets a lap to nap on. I get a cat without kitty litter, cat food, or hair on everything. It also keeps her safe, during each brief visit, from becoming roadkill, eating or drinking Read more →