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Sign of the foo. Photo © TimParkinson, via Creative Commons and

Poo police track dogs (and owners) that dump

In the recent Incident of the Abandoned Ford Thunderbird, the Sooke resident who found the abandoned car, complete with registration papers, in the woods near Bear Creek posted a scathing rant online and notified police. Instead of immediately fining the car’s owner under the conservation and motor vehicle acts, the Read more →

Dogs are attuned to their people, but who is in charge. Photo © Stefan Holodnick,, via creative commons.

Dogs take a bow(-wow!) for canine cognition

Some dogs show more intelligence than most people. Or so their owners tell me. Perhaps thinking of one’s four-legged best friend as brighter than one’s children—perhaps not one’s children, but possibly one’s in-laws—goes with the territory of being a dog owner. Much like people universally describing their driving skills or Read more →

Killer kitty catches mouse. Photo by Chris (Eisenbahner)

Killer Kitty? Research shows pet diseases are infecting sea mammals

A neighbour’s cat adopted me last year. When she’s bored and I’m home, she visits. She gets a lap to nap on. I get a cat without kitty litter, cat food, or hair on everything. It also keeps her safe, during each brief visit, from becoming roadkill, eating or drinking Read more →

orca off southern Vancouver Island, by Thomas Forster

Poop patrol

Canadian Geographic, July 2009 A black Labrador retriever named Tucker is helping researchers determine why orcas summering off southern Vancouver Island are dying. Tucker lends his nose to science by standing in a moving open-decked motorboat and sniffing the wind to detect orca scat floating on the surface of the Read more →