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Elephant. Photo © Jim Bowen, via flickr and Creative Commons

We obsess over celebrities’ tribulations and ignore widespread horrors

The killing of Cecil the Lion by big-game hunters in June outraged the world. Thirteen-year-old Cecil lived in Hwanga National Park, Zimbabwe, where he was a major attraction for wildlife tourists. He may have been lured out of the park prior to being killed. Yet this is one animal, albeit Read more →

Orca breaching and blowing. Photo © digicla via Creative Commons and flickr

SARA gets no respect from feds

Among groups of people, ignoring somebody is often considered a sign of disrespect. The word disrespect itself means disregard, overlook, to not acknowledge or look at something. Over the last dozen years, we have seen disrespect for federal legislation. The Species at Risk Act became law in December 2002, but Read more →

Orca off Vancouver Island. Photo by internets_dairy, Creative Commons

Ocean-wise choices come from knowledge and research

With vomiting harbour porpoises becoming stranded in Patricia Bay, humpback whales colliding with boats off the north Island, dead whales found drifting near Tofino, and poison-laden orca starving off Victoria, our coastal wonderland seems to be anything but for wildlife residents. So much of what we do to the ocean Read more →

orca off southern Vancouver Island, by Thomas Forster

Poop patrol

Canadian Geographic, July 2009 A black Labrador retriever named Tucker is helping researchers determine why orcas summering off southern Vancouver Island are dying. Tucker lends his nose to science by standing in a moving open-decked motorboat and sniffing the wind to detect orca scat floating on the surface of the Read more →