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Sign of the foo. Photo © TimParkinson, via Creative Commons and

Poo police track dogs (and owners) that dump

In the recent Incident of the Abandoned Ford Thunderbird, the Sooke resident who found the abandoned car, complete with registration papers, in the woods near Bear Creek posted a scathing rant online and notified police. Instead of immediately fining the car’s owner under the conservation and motor vehicle acts, the Read more →

Myrtle warbler. Photo © zenbenscience, via creative commons & flickr

Birds started migrating to avoid winter, not to seek better breeding grounds

While we await the region’s autumn rains, the rest of the country prepares for winter. After last year’s ordeal, flocks of Snowbirds east of the Rockies are preparing their escape routes. Some will visit our region. Others will head south. Our behaviour mirrors a time-honoured tradition begun by our feathered Read more →


Hibernation is key secret anti-aging ingredient

Accumulating evidence suggests that Disney and Washington Irving may have it right. Prolonged youth, or at least extended quality of life past normal life expectancy, hinges on adequate amounts of sleep. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. (Isn’t it always?) To find my own Rip van W(r)inkle-in-Time, I would Read more →