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Cougar as stressor. Photo © Marie Hale, creative commons

Human brain views all stressors as matters for survival

You’re walking on Centennial Trail along West Saanich Road when suddenly a large, tawny animal leaps out of the bushes at you. The movement triggers your brain’s most ancient emotion-and-alarm system, deep in the most primitive part of your brain. Your amygdala, or fright centre, buzzes the nearby fear-processing centre Read more →

Some of Victoria's quieter places. Photo by Andy M. Smith

An epitaph for quiet

Quiet may be extinct, I thought atop the Highlands’s Jocelyn Hill. I was far from the nearest road, but the whine and hum of traffic climbing the Malahat drifted across Finlayson Arm. And then a helicopter whirred into view below, drowning out pretty much everything else. My friend Don tells Read more →

Parks like East Sooke Park help make nearby residents happier and healthier. Photo by Logan C (flickr's LoganTech)

Parks make for happy, healthy people

Back when Nature Boy worked at a big California museum, I flew down to visit on a semi-regular basis. I remember looking out over the city as the aircraft made its final approach to L.A.’s airport. Below me stretched mile upon mile of concrete: buildings, roads freeways, parking lots. Few Read more →