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Quadra village street way—designed to slow traffic and encourage community. ©2014.

Building unpredictability into traffic design transforms
streetscapes into people places

One of the buzzwords in urban planning these days seems to be “people-friendly streetscapes.” The intent is to transform the car-centric corridors that crisscross our region into people-oriented spaces. For example, Victoria’s new official community plan, unveiled last week, calls for transportation systems that prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and people using Read more →

Some of Victoria's quieter places. Photo by Andy M. Smith

An epitaph for quiet

Quiet may be extinct, I thought atop the Highlands’s Jocelyn Hill. I was far from the nearest road, but the whine and hum of traffic climbing the Malahat drifted across Finlayson Arm. And then a helicopter whirred into view below, drowning out pretty much everything else. My friend Don tells Read more →