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Amhersham A Cappella Choir, Photo © Margaret (Lady P.P.), via creative commons and flickr

Music affects the heart beat of people and communities

Festival season has begun. We’ve seen spot prawns served multiple ways, we drank tea in Oak Bay, we entertained our guests at the Sooke River Bluegrass and Vancouver Island Cultural festivals, the Aboriginal Cultural Festival wraps today, and the Foodie Film Fest has just started making us drool. And, for Read more →

Undersea Gardens no longer operates in Victoria, B.C.'s Inner Harbour. Photo © Brian Chow, via flickr & creative commons

Our heritage sites need love, attention and money

Picture a community hall on a weekday evening. About 40 people sit in rows. Official-looking sorts look back over the audience. The people have gathered at this fictitious meeting to discuss the fate of a nearby fictitious historic site/nature centre/community museum/natural or cultural heritage site. Like so many real sites Read more →

Quadra village street way—designed to slow traffic and encourage community. ©2014.

Building unpredictability into traffic design transforms
streetscapes into people places

One of the buzzwords in urban planning these days seems to be “people-friendly streetscapes.” The intent is to transform the car-centric corridors that crisscross our region into people-oriented spaces. For example, Victoria’s new official community plan, unveiled last week, calls for transportation systems that prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and people using Read more →

Humans get more nutrition from tastier food

  ’Tis the season. Those who are dear to us gather near to us to feast, share and converse. We assemble around the groaning board, and retire from it, groaning, “I couldn’t eat another thing.” But when they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie, we gather our resources, Read more →