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Choosing the island life has its consequences

Victoria Times Colonist, November 23, 2012—The words “isle” and “isolation” share linguistic roots. Both derive from the Latin word insula, which itself gives us the word “insulate”. A curious thing can happen to large-ish mammal species that live on isolated, insulated isles. Over long periods of time, some species become smaller. Read more →

Troglodyte living

The word la peyre is a derivation of la pierre, or stone. We have encountered a number of places whose names incorporated “peyre.” Chateau Peyrepertuse, which translates roughly into (tee hee) Stone-Whooping cough Castle—the spectacular mountaintop ruin of a former Cathar fortress, then French-border fortress and chapel to Saint-Louis/Louis IX, Read more →

Renting via the internet

Some notes I compiled in response to a query from a fellow-Victorian regarding renting accommodation in France, sight unseen, over the internet. The only way to make the process of finding and booking a place successful and endurable is to narrow things down: 1) Which region you are interested in? Read more →

fish stand, marché

Le plus ça change, le plus ça change

Two years on, and we’re finding not even rural France remains frozen in time. C’est dommage, mais, ça, c’est la vie. The commune of Mirepoix is extracting value from its forests this past summer: stands throughout the area have been harvested, and the logs are piled alongside the highways awaiting Read more →

Tragedy on the TGV

(From October 2009) I had visions of a scene of scarcely controlled panic; gendarmes racing into the Gare de Lyon, dressed in black, with bullet-proof face guards and helmets, barricading platform H (“’ashe”) with a phalanx of machine-gun–toting, shorn-haired, black-clad toughs legitimized solely by badges of state-approved authority and the Read more →