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Fireworks. Photo © John Haslam, via flickr and Creative Commons

Enjoy presence in the present

Many of us are reflecting on the year just passed and making plans for the months ahead. The pundits among us have pronounced on the successes and failures behind us and prognosticated on future possibilities. Some of us brought in January 1 with bold resolutions for change—we’ll lose weight, eat Read more →

Take a lesson from the Bard: Make much ado about sleep

We can sleep a little longer this weekend. Most of North America resets its clocks one hour back tonight, marking the end of daylight saving time. If we choose to slumber through the hour gained, we’ll wake up slightly more rested and slightly better able to deal with the coming Read more →

Anticipating a vacation extends the period of happiness a vacation causes. Photo by Ralph Daily

How to wring the most happiness from a vacation

A friend started a long-planned vacation last week. I interrupted her last-minute preparations with a phone call to wish her a happy and safe journey. “You must be really looking forward to this.” “Umm, well…. I am…. Now.” “Just now?” “You know, I’d booked the essentials almost a year ago, Read more →