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Passport. Photo © J Aaron Farr

Misused passports open doors to the wrong kind of new lives

Their very name indicates admission or entrance. A passport—from the French passer la porte, or pass through a port—is a document that allows a person to pass from one country to another, from world to another, even from life to another. We’ve heard of two instances in the last month in Read more →

Young girl in nature. Photo © Julie Morris,

Nature schools put the kinder back into the garden

Nature schools are popping up like mushrooms around here. The preschools and kindergartens immerse kids in local parks and green spaces for half-days and full-days at a time. The kids play outside. They stay outside. They learn about plants and animals, they look at bugs and pond critters, they make Read more →

School kids in the 21st century, by Maryland GovPics

Education pendulum has swung too far

  Those of us who grew up in the last century heard all about how easy we had it. The tirade usually began, “When I was your age …” and continued with the Facts of Life. These included: “I had to be up at 3 a.m. to get to school Read more →