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Sure, he's cute, but Vancouver's Bird of the Year? The Black-capped Chickadee. Photo © Russ, via creative commons & flickr

Bird-popularity contest brings out more voters than residents

The robin chicks outside my window disappeared last night. At about 4:00 a.m., much rustling of shrubberies and great squawkings by Ma Robin occurred. When I poked my head outside, the three nearly grown babies had vanished. For three weeks, the daily charting of the chicks’ progress was a household Read more →

Tinfoil hats. Photo © teaeff, via flickr

We make it easy to keep tabs on each other

“They don’t need to read my mind,” I informed Nature Boy when he offered me his tinfoil helmet. “They can read everything else.” What They would read are my emails, my Internet use, my cellphone data, and every other item or card on or near my person with a radio-frequency Read more →