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orca off southern Vancouver Island, by Thomas Forster

Poop patrol

Canadian Geographic, July 2009 A black Labrador retriever named Tucker is helping researchers determine why orcas summering off southern Vancouver Island are dying. Tucker lends his nose to science by standing in a moving open-decked motorboat and sniffing the wind to detect orca scat floating on the surface of the Read more →

History Mystery: Serving Mallet quiz

History Mystery: Serving Mallet

From 2004–2010, I edited the Maritime Museum of B.C.’s member newsletter, Waterlines, and annual journal, Resolution. B.C. Magazine approached me at that time to submit a piece about any strange and unlikely artifact from the museum’s collection for the magazine’s History Mystery quiz column.

Sky-high eyes measure biological diversity across Canada

Information Forestry, August 2008—Orbiting the Earth more than 700 kilometres above Canada’s forests, a set of satellite-borne sensors collects data from the light reflecting off the planet’s surface. Beneath the canopy of an eastern Ontario woodland, a Blackburnian Warbler prepares to fly south for the winter. Linking these two phenomena Read more →


Pachyrhinosaurus: The Mystery of the Horned Dinosaur

Ornithomimus: Pursuing the Bird-Mimic Dinosaur

Sample pages from Ornithomimus: Pursuing the Bird-Mimic Dinosaur, by Monique Keiran. Published by the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology and Raincoast Books, 2002.