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Cuvée Aubin and Domus maximus

Journey to the cave

Gaston belies his French name in preferring a tankard of beer over a glass of wine any day. In fact, he professes to finding few wines palatable—Most engender a twist of the mouth and a shudder to swallow. We were out for dinner at les Remparts in Mirepoix one evening, Read more →

Abbaye Villelongue

Ruins V

Abbaye Villelongue

Crème brûlée

At the local supermarket last week, Gaston pronounced that he wanted to buy some of the pre-prepared packages of crème brûlée available in the refrigerator section. It took a few nights for us to get to it. Last night, we indulged. Actually, we were clearing out the fridge. And Gaston Read more →

Foraging for herbs for the kitchen

It can be difficult to find fresh herbs for sale in the supermarket and even the markets. In the south of France, flavourings in the regional cuisine is defined by the herbs that grow wild and free in the fields and wild lands: thyme, rosemary, savoury, bay, even lavender. So Read more →

Fig-wasp swarmin’ time

This morning, Gaston and I listened to the CBC Quirks & Quarks podcast in which Bob MacDonald interviews the York U researcher who had determined the clock-work timing of a wood-thrush species’ migration. Every fall, on the exact same day of the year, from year to year, the birds begin their Read more →