One thought on “Southern Alberta prairie, stormy fall day:
Fifty+ shades of grey and beige

  1. This road looks familiar!!! I thnk I’ve driven down it many times — when I was going back and forth from B.C to Ont/ Quebec. Remarkble, what!?! Reminds me of what my dad said when friends, relatives from Fort MacLeod visited in Nelson. Dad would encourage them to look at the view of Kootenay Lake, and their comments were: “Nice view Joe, if it weren’t for the mountains!”

    I hear from your mom that you are doing really well in ‘the peg’ and have met lots of Great people! Horrah! And maybe the appointment might last a bit longer!!? Wonderful!

    All goes well here. Very sunny today at 4+ temp. but I’ll take cold and sunny anytime, as long as it’s not Too cold. Overnight company expected Dec. 13th — then the Sawa family is coming here for Christmas. Fun!!

    Take care and try to stay warm?

    Love, Margie

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