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Intentional Tourist: Horseshoe Canyon

Legacy: Alberta’s Heritage Magazine, May–June 1999— It is a sudden thing and takes you by surprise. As you follow the long curve in Highway 9 northeast of Calgary, the immense, rolling prairie breaks on the left, opening into a narrow valley, worn by weather and softened by summer colours. You Read more →

New theories from an old dinosaur graveyard

Yes Mag: Canada’s Science Magazine for Kids, Winter 1998/1999—If a group of animals died together, there’s a good chance they lived together, says Philip Currie, dinosaur palaeontologist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. Currie is studying a recently re-opened bonebed, located 60 kilometres up the Red Deer River from Read more →


Albertosaurus: Death of a Predator


Dinosaur Provincial Park, by Peter Hoven

Tyrrell trains Disney staff

Trackways #14, Spring 1998—When Walt Disney World opened Dinoland earlier this year, a little bit of Alberta shone beneath the Florida sun. As part of the attraction, Disney performers play palaeontologists explore the world of the dinosaurs. When looking for ways to immerse staff in dinosaur palaeontology, Disney looked north Read more →

Alberta's Milk River, by James Bremner

Just a teenage hadrosaur….

Trackways #12, Fall 1997—When Lethbridge writer Shanan Timmers went for walk on the banks of the North Milk River west of Del Bonita, Alberta, earlier this summer, he stumbled across a find important to the world of palaeontology. Jutting out from the overhanging river cutbank, far from where palaeontologists would Read more →

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