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Royal Roads shoreline outside Esquimalt Lagoon. Photo © David Stanley via flickr and Creative Commons.

Slip, slide and shimmy: Earthquakes on the West Coast

The year has begun amidst a series of earth-shaking events. Three earthquakes were reported for the Vancouver Island region on January 2. The biggest, at magnitude 5.4, occurred 211 kilometres west of Port Hardy, while two smaller tremblers occurred west of Port Alberni. Five days later, a 4.8-magnitude quake west Read more →

Cycling in Victoria. Photo © John Luton, via creative commons and flickr

Cycling rally explores disaster relief, two-wheeled style

With the 2014 Tour de France ending tomorrow, this year’s version delivered the usual combination of surprise and excitement to fans. The spectacular high-speed crashes and cringing injuries that regularly occur during the renowned cycling race brought sudden and unexpected ends to the participation of many contenders for this year’s Read more →

miso soup, by Michael Ocampo:

Tracking earthquakes in a bowl of miso soup

  Nov 10, 2012 There’s a ritual we go through every time we eat at a Japanese restaurant. It starts when the miso soup is brought to the table. Nature Boy gives his a swirl with his chopsticks. Then he reverently bows his head over the bowl in silent contemplation. Read more →