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Recycling via blue box programs. Photo © William Mewes, via flickr & creative commons

Transition to a Zero-Waste economy will require
sacrifices and global change

The Hartland landfill faces a revenue shortage. The $107 tipping fee covers the costs of running the dump and the region’s Blue Box recycling program. Although the Powers-That-Be are considering solutions, shortfalls in user-pay income at the dump will likely continue. As more and more items are diverted from the Read more →

Pacific banana slug: secret origin of the slime-fountain of youth. Photo © Jitze Couperus,

Slugs and snails may provide the secret to perpetual youthfulness

Years ago, when commiserating about my squeamishness for slugs, Nature Boy speculated that these terrestrial molluscs might yet surprise us. “Perhaps scientists will discover remarkable youth-preserving compounds in the slime, and we’ll start eagerly smearing slugs on our faces.” You have no idea how sorry I am to report it Read more →