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Christmas sweaters get respect. Photo © UglySweaterShop-com via flickr/Creative Commons

Ghosts of seasons past appear in many guises

During this season of celebrations, seasonal concerts and parties, the subject of holiday traditions inevitably comes up. At a recent party, a friend admitted she had a number of tangible Christmas memories hanging around her place. “I think of them more like skeletons,” she said. “In the closet.” Her closet Read more →

Three generations. Photo provided by William Creswell,, via CC and flickr

Family redefined: We are family (in me)

Many mothers I know, no matter how old their kids are, tell me they feel their children continue to be part of them long after birth. Despite decades having passed since the umbilical cords were cut, the ties connecting mothers to their kids can feel strong and eternal. It appears Read more →

Christmas tree. Photo © Laura Bittner, via Creative Commons and flickr

Protected: Holidays can prompt a seldom-remarked-upon rite of passage

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