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Dallas Road dog park. Photo by Martin…T (flickr)

Look skywards for the origins of the dog days of summer

I find the recent cooler days and periods of rain a relief. My garden does, as well, but more to the point, the cooler weather means things smell better. The effect is particularly noticeable along the dog-park section of Dallas Road and at Thetis Lake’s unsanctioned dog beach. I realize Read more →

Victoria from cathedral tower, 1897, from

Legalize pot? History repeats itself on west coast

Four former mayors of Vancouver, three former attorneys-general, and municipal councils. All have gone on record supporting the decriminalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana in British Columbia. And now Federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has pushed debate on the issue one step further, stating the drug should be legalized. Read more →

Spring greens grow. Photo by James Mann,

New generation goes back to the garden

As a child of Depression-era children, I experienced the annual toil of backyard gardening early on. Mostly reluctantly, and only because the alternative to spending summer Saturday mornings outside among the lettuces, carrots and beans was spending that time scrubbing toilets and cleaning the weekly hairball out of the shower Read more →

1.73-m Plaskett Telescope mirror, photo by "Scratch" @

Victoria key player in telescope development

Two developments occurred recently to advance large telescopes and the study of the universe around us. Scientists in the U.S. completed the first of seven 8.4-metre mirrors for the Giant Magellan Telescope, under construction in Chile. Six of the mirrors will be arranged petal-like around the seventh, central mirror. When Read more →

School kids in the 21st century, by Maryland GovPics

Education pendulum has swung too far

  Those of us who grew up in the last century heard all about how easy we had it. The tirade usually began, “When I was your age …” and continued with the Facts of Life. These included: “I had to be up at 3 a.m. to get to school Read more →

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