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Stranded velella, relatives of sea jellies. Photo © Dan (Newslighter), via flickr and Creative Commons

Real-world event mirrors B-grade film alien horror

Nature Boy spent a few minutes dabbling his toes in the water at Willows Beach last week. “I don’t feel it,” he reported. “They say a great blob of warm ocean water has moved up to the northern coast. It appears to not have arrived at Willows.” “Maybe it’s something Read more →

Ploughing snow in Winnipeg. Photo © AJ Batac

West Coast weather wimp wises up
about winter in Winnipeg

I spent some time in Winnipeg before the holidays. While there, I had the dubious pleasure of experiencing, among other things, a goodly period of the city’s second coldest December on record. Yay, me. I grew up on the prairies, and I thought I knew what cold was. But apparently Read more →