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Photo © r. nial bradshaw, via flickr and Creative Commons;

Literature is good for brains and communities

Today, the email from a commemorative-days website announces, is Read a Book Day. Our protagonist lights mental fireworks. “Hooray! A day devoted to conspicuous reading pleasure.” Then she notices the email’s next line. Today is also Fight Procrastination Day. Her heart clenches. Our protagonist’s preferred avoidance of unpleasant tasks includes Read more →

Playing on beach. Photo © Wynand Strydom, via creative commons and flickr

Play’s the thing for healthy, creative kids (and adults)

Summer calls. Many youngsters stand at the leading edge of the season and anticipate two months of endless days, sunshine, mucking around and running about. Two whole months of playing! However, many instead will endure a packed roster of prebooked, highly managed and directed activities. Many will take part in Read more →