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Spotted Owl, photo by USFWS Pacific

Owls all a-Twitter about B.C. Barred Owl cull to protect Spotted Owls

  We’ve known for years that British Columbia’s Northern Spotted Owl, known to the pointy-headed science crowd as Strix occidentalis, is in trouble. Provincial wildlife officials estimate that as few as 10 of the birds remain in B.C.’s forestlands, down from about 500 individuals a century ago. The owl’s dire Read more →

Eastern grey squirrel, photo by TexasDarkHorse, flickr

Invasive species are in the eye of the beholder

When Nature Boy took down the backyard thicket of Himalayan blackberries, he gave little thought to what would come after. Thousands of broom and Daphne laureola seeds that had lain dormant for decades sprouted. Ivy and periwinkle quickly spread into the gap. These plants have no place in the ready-made Read more →