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Hidden orchid keeps its heavenly scent close

During a recent walk through John Dean Provincial Park, Nature Boy encountered his first Calypso orchid of the year. He was so excited, he called the rest of us back to crowd around and join the admiration parade. He dusted off his annual Calypso orchid lecture: blah, blah, blah, and Read more →

Fawn lily, Knockan HIll Park, April 4 2013

Spring wildflowers, Knockan Hill Park

Forget the hundreds of millions of cherry blossoms in Victoria right now: the first wildflowers of the year are blooming on Knockan Hill Park.

Bug-blood–thirsty common butterwort

The secret lives of wildflowers: Mountain blooms revealed

Explore Kananaskis, Summer/Fall 1997—Tiny pink elephants. Flesh-eating plants. Thieving flowers. They sound like characters in a fantastical Arabian Nights story, but in Kananaskis Country, these characters act out these roles under our noses every summer. The wildflowers of Kananaskis have no 1,001 nights in which to bloom and fade: if Read more →