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Compare two display signs

Compare these two interpretive display signs.                             The license for the Yale Peabody Museum’s China’s Feathered Dinosaurs exhibit allowed host museums to add to the displays, but forbade them from changing any material provided by the Yale Peabody. The Read more →

Dinosaur trading cards, with interpretive text

Click Dinosaur trading cards to view a sample of dinosaur trading cards, with interpretive text by Monique Keiran. The three trading cards form part of a 12-card series published by the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society.

Trex teacher's resource guide

T. rex teacher’s resource guide

In 1998, IMAX Corporation and the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology joined forces. IMAX filmed its first fictional IMAX film at the museum—and it was about dinosaurs. Of course. One of the collateral projects that accompanied the film was a teacher’s resource guide. I worked with Sue Mander, from IMAX, Read more →

Bug-blood–thirsty common butterwort

The secret lives of wildflowers: Mountain blooms revealed

Explore Kananaskis, Summer/Fall 1997—Tiny pink elephants. Flesh-eating plants. Thieving flowers. They sound like characters in a fantastical Arabian Nights story, but in Kananaskis Country, these characters act out these roles under our noses every summer. The wildflowers of Kananaskis have no 1,001 nights in which to bloom and fade: if Read more →

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