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Year of the Turtle

Trackways #19, Winter 1999–A nearly complete Cretaceous-aged turtle has found its way to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Not only are its skull, skeleton and shell intact, but its body cavity contains additional treasure: turtle eggs. “The preservation of this specimen is remarkable,” says Museum palaeontologist Don Brinkman, who studies Cretaceous Read more →

The Ice Ages Gallery

Royal Tyrrell Museum Ice Ages Gallery exhibits and signage

The Royal Tyrrell Museum opened the Ice Ages Gallery in 1999. A collaboration between curators, technical staff, the exhibits team and others, it tells the story of Alberta from two million years ago to the present—the time called the Pleistocene, when huge mammals roamed, great ice sheets came and went, Read more →

Compare two display signs

Compare these two interpretive display signs.                             The license for the Yale Peabody Museum’s China’s Feathered Dinosaurs exhibit allowed host museums to add to the displays, but forbade them from changing any material provided by the Yale Peabody. The Read more →

Intentional Tourist: Horseshoe Canyon

Legacy: Alberta’s Heritage Magazine, May–June 1999— It is a sudden thing and takes you by surprise. As you follow the long curve in Highway 9 northeast of Calgary, the immense, rolling prairie breaks on the left, opening into a narrow valley, worn by weather and softened by summer colours. You Read more →

Dinosaur trading cards, with interpretive text

Click Dinosaur trading cards to view a sample of dinosaur trading cards, with interpretive text by Monique Keiran. The three trading cards form part of a 12-card series published by the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society.