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Photo © Rebecca Pollard, via flickr and Creative Commons

Addictiveness by design casts ethical shadow over game designers

Seven of Victoria’s video-game studios recently launched new games. The games, which include TinyMob’s Tiny Realms and GameHouse’s new version of Slingo, highlight the industry’s growth in the region. The 20 or so Victoria-based studios employ 240 people and spend about $25 million annually. Eight years ago, about 40 people Read more →

Nurse practitioner. Photo © Doug McIntosh, creative commons via Flickr

Province’s nurse practitioners speak out for patients,
need to speak out for the profession, too

  The B.C. government sometimes seems to suffer from attention deficit disorder. Take the case of B.C.’s nurse practitioners. The province began regulating these health-care professionals in 2005. The goal was to increase patient access to health care in an affordable, effective manner. Many studies show this happens when nurse Read more →

KD. Photo © Stephen Boisvert, on flickr

We’re oh-so-programmed to crave KD (and other refined-carbohydrate hits)

All sorts of two-legged critters are migrating to school-supply bargain-hunting grounds south of the border this weekend. The last young of the summer are fledging and moving out of the nest into college residences. And turkeys, pigs, and first-year university students are facing being fattened up in time for forthcoming Read more →